The Poetic Way

Amidst Poetry – B. Rishi Kaashyap

The Follower

Everyone wants to be a leader.. But to be a good leader We must be a good follower… this poem speaks of Our shadow, which is our everyday follower… But IF our shadow is nothing but us…. Arent we good followers? And if every person is a good follower they for sure can be a good leader… This is for triggering the leader in YOU!

As light falls,
He takes position
Right behind me!
He who is darker,
He who is taller,
He- the undefined figure,
Is my everyday follower.
As sun sets
He grows longer and longer
But not any longer,
Does he stay with me

He magically appears
To accompany me
When no one is beside…
He spies all things
That I do under the sun
But about none
Merely about none does he
Speak to others around

He is not servile
He comes and goes
Whenever he wants
Does things like me
And disappears informally

I don’t call him!
He comes
When he has to
And he knows when!

My shadow!
That the sun creates,
Is my everyday follower!

And as everyday,
I see my silent follower,
I ask to My-self
“If your shadow can be a follower
Why can’t you? ”

And If Your shadow
Is nothing but you
And IF a good follower
can be a leader too?
Who are you?


The New Song For Rain

In todays world, Everything everyone does is somehow or the other, Affecting the Environment… This is A Satire, On our Superstitions and illogical believes.. Here is a Scene where extensive deforestation has happened and is happening, which has delayed the yearly monsoons.. the people, As you will see Instead of realizing this arrange a marriage for Two donkeys believing that doing so will bring rain.. The Epithalamium sung – for the donkey queen is today’s song for rain..

“ Oh! The queen of treeless land!

There he comes!

Your handsome Groom,

You Winsome Lady

Wink at Him

With your right side eye


But Oh! Pity that

Poor prince

He tripped, at

That crack of land

Dumbstruck, By your gaze


We have no water,

To level the sand…

But cartons of paper

We’ll give you to eat,

With bales of hay

Not rice or wheat!


As you wed,

For rains we’ll pray!

There are many others,

For You – they’ll bray


Dear Donkey Queen

Go to Honey – moon!

Soon come back with,

Sky full of Rain Clouds…


All trees we made!

Into paper invitations…

And you

Show us mercy

With the Gift Of Rain!”

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Dandelions & We

Thoughtless, if you lay
On a grass bed of worries,
In the radiance of the sun…
A Dandelion flies by

Promptly, you awake…
Your eyes visualize
That dandelion
Halting on your palms…

You take a step ahead, and
That dandelion, you fix,
In the valley of two sloping
Eyebrows – above your staring eyes.

But Pity!
It doesn’t stay there for long…
Not more than a jiffy
After you put it there!
The wind of desire
That blows into an ear
And out of another
Makes it fly high!

You still
Don’t let it fly by…
Then at last,
You smile
At that dandelion
On your palm.
You beam with Pride
And with tickles by the fine strands
You burst into laughter
And later walk away,
Rather showily!

And yet another day
It happens that
Part of history repeats itself!
Dandelions again
Not one! But two…

You try and cry
But you have just one,
Only one on your palm
The other one –you see..
But don’t have it for you…
With rage and growing desire
You fling aside,
That one you have
And weep for not getting both

And that’s you,
That’s me
And that’s people- who dream!

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Is a Peacock
That spreads out her feathers
On a raining mountainscape
Gracefully dancing.

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Is a swarm of bees
That chase a bear and sting
In a stony forest trail
For throwing a stone on their hive.

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Is a pampered house cat
That fears to go outdoors
Out in out in the streets
Teased by the stray cats.

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Is a housefly

That spreads out her wings

Looking at itself in the mirror
With nothing better to do.

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Is a sparrow chick
Pushed out by her mother
From their nest in the chimney outlet
Because of its wrong body shape.

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Is a hen
That hears her egg crack
In her cozy nest
Watching her chicks break out!

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Is a baby chimp
That swings from tree to tree
In the jungle canopy
For spotting a banana tree.

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